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Jason Harris

Dr Jason Harris contributes to the Medieval and Renaissance stream of the MA.  A graduate of Trinity College Dublin, his PhD thesis focused on intellectual circles in northern-Europe during the second half of the sixteenth century, particularly on the friendship network of Abraham Ortelius.  Since 2008, he has been the Director of the Centre for Neo-Latin Studies, taking a lead role in fund-raising and project design for the Centre. In particular, this has led to the creation of the Ad Fontes project (on the earliest traces of humanism in Ireland), the Historia project (on the Capuchin missions to Ireland), and the Third Tongue project (on the use of Latin by Protestant writers in Ireland).  His research focuses on early-modern intellectual culture, particularly the use of Latin in this period, which he studies from a linguistic, stylistic and anthropological perspective. Much of his work has focused on Latin writers from northern Europe, especially from Ireland and the Low Countries. He is currently writing a monograph on stylistic aspects of humanist Latin, while preparing editions and translations of a range of different texts that have been the focus of his research projects in recent years.

Email: j.harris@ucc.ie

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