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Dr Hiram Morgan is the programme coordinator for the MA in History with responsibility for the module on the history and theory of history-writing. Hiram is an expert on the Nine Years War (1594–1603), the career of Hugh O’Neill (1550–1616) and Ireland’s connections with Europe and beyond. He has authored Tyrone’s Rebellion, published by the Royal Historical Society (1993) and edited Political Ideology in Ireland (1999), Information and Media Through the Ages (2001) and The Battle of Kinsale (2004). He co-authored with John Barry Great Deeds in Ireland (2013 and worked with Dorothy Convery on Ireland 1518 (2015). He has contributed many peer-reviewed articles and was co-founder of History Ireland, Ireland’s popular history magazine. He has been a principal investigator on several local, national and international projects and directs CELT, the world’s largest website for Irish Studies, also hosted by the School of History at Cork. Hiram was chairman of the Royal Irish Academy Committee for Historical Sciences from 2003 to 2007 and currently serves on the board of Cork University Press.  Hiram’s interests include early modern Irish and European history, cultural history, imperialism and historiography.

Email: h.morgan@ucc.ie

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