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Damian Bracken

Dr Damian Bracken contributes to the Medieval and Renaissance stream of the MA. His PhD, completed in 1994, examined Latin and Latin influenced elements of early Irish vernacular law, and my research has focused on Hiberno-Latin literature, especially on the works of St Columbanus, the earliest Irish writer to leave an identifiable corpus of writings, and the first to explore Irish identity. He is interested particularly in exploring Columbanus’s works in the context of late antique and early medieval ideals of authority and concepts of orthodoxy. He teaches in the School of History, UCC, and spent periods teaching in the Department of History, Boston University, and the in Department of History, Boston College, where he held the Brian P. Burns Chair in Irish Studies. He jointly editedIreland and Europe in the twelfth century: reform and renewal (Dublin 2006) and the commentary volume that accompanies the facsimile of the Schaffhausen Adomnán, recently published as the first volume in the series Irish Manuscripts in Facsimile.

Email: d.bracken@ucc.ie

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