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Mervyn O’Driscoll

Dr Mervyn O’Driscoll is the programme coordinator for the MA in History and he is also responsible for the European and International and Modern Ireland streams. Mervyn has published on Irish foreign policy, European integration history, nuclear history and Cold War Anglo-French-American relations.   He has lectured throughout Ireland, the UK, Europe, China and the US. His various works cover the following fields: Irish foreign policy, Irish neutrality, British diplomacy, nuclear history and Irish-European relations.  He currently serves as Vice-Chair of the Royal Irish Academy’s Standing Committee for International Affairs and on the advisory committee for the Dictionary of Irish Biography.  His interests include Irish diplomacy and foreign relations (neutrality, relations with Europe including the EC/EU) , international history, independent Ireland (politics, anti-Semitism, minorities, modernisation), 20th century Britain, post-war France, modern Germany, military history and nuclear history.


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